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Hotel Casa Zañartu

Santiago has consolidated as a modern city, with good business opportunities and as an attractive destination for tourism.

The growing gastronomic, cultural, nightlife offer are setting in a privileged location: a few kilometers from the beach, the snow and wine routes.

Historic center

If staying in Casa Zañartu is like travel to other era, walking around the streets of Santiago you will feel the atmosphere of other age full of tradition, culture and beauty.

Discover all the corners of this magnificent city can be the perfect entertainment for ours visitors. You can not miss the Mercado Central a building dated of the end of the 19th century, perfect for discovering the delights of local cuisine.

You also have to visit Plaza de Armas and enjoy its lively ambiance.

Bellavista District

Bellavista District is characterized by its picturesque buildings, this district transmits good vibrations and energy and walking through its streets you will see the house where the famous writer Pablo Neruda used to live.

If you want to enjoy a quiet ambiance surrounded by nature, the Metropolitan Park is the perfect option for you.

Lastarria District

Starting from the Church of Veracruz, the birthplace of this lively neighborhood, here you can find endless leisure options such as museums, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, bars and cafes ... All at your fingertips.